Teixits Emilia

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Emilia Textiles is a family business: the founder was precisely Emilia, my grandmother, visiting the surrounding villages of Torroella, selling clothes from home, the highest quality to equip many of the families, in exchange for a sack of rice or beans...

Even today we discussed many customers that have some of the pieces of clothing she had sold them! They spent the year and with the help of his son Emili, my father, and the help of my mother, Maria, would open the first store. It was the sixties when tourism began to have strength; and this aspect, along with the "friendly treatment" we've always wanted to offer customers, allowing the store to expand the current zone. At that time, her daughter was eight and was playing to sell and buy for the store.
Today is my turn to go ahead with the project of my family, that is, you'll have the doors open to offer you what we have selected for you.